Rudy the Cute Poodle's Story List

(Magenta Titles have been published)


Rhymes and Fairytales

Happy Birthday, Rudy

A celebration of Rudy's third birthday!

Rudy and Fred

Coming from different animal species doesn't stop Rudy and Fred the
      bunny from being the best of friends.

Rudy the Red-Nosed Poodle

Rudy saves Christmas by helping pull Santa's sleigh.


With the help of Dito the Fairy God Dog, Rudyrella meets his true love,
      Princess Darling!

Rudy's Favorite Places

What are Rudy's favorite places and why does he love them so much?

Rudy's Night Before Christmas

What happens when Rudy sneaks a peek at Santa?

Sleeping Rudy

After a long day of playing and exploring his big backyard, tired little
      Rudy can hardly keep his eyes open.

Yankee Doodle Poodle

Rudy the Yankee Doodle Poodle narrates a history lesson about the
      birth of our nation.

When Rudy Grows Up

What should I be when I grow up? Rudy asks his friends help him

Health and Diversity

Big Brother Dexter

Filled with sadness, Rudy has questions after his big brother Dexter
      passes away from cancer.

Rainbow Rudy

Pierre, Rudy's new friend, explains his gorgeous rainbow collar.

Rudy Gets A Transplant

Rudy gets a kidney transplant and meets nice people like Dr. Big
      Hands and the nurses with brightly-colored outfits.

Rudy's Friend Andy

Rudy wishes he could be like his friend, Andy, the seeing-eye dog.

Rudy's Grandma

After Rudy's Grandma has a stroke, Rudy is confused and wants to
      learn more about it.

Rudy's Incredible Kidney Machine

When Rudy has kidney problems he learns all about dialysis.  What is
      it, what does it do, what is it like on dialysis?

Rudy's Mommy

Answers to questions children often ask Rudy's Mommy, who is blind.

Rudy's New Neighbor

After a rocky start, Rudy and his new neighbor, Marshmallow the fluffy
      white cat, discover how much they have in common.

Rudy's Checkup

Having good health care is very important to Rudy, so he compares
      how going to his wonderful veterinarian is similar to children visiting a

When Mommy Cries

Rudy talks about crying and sadness.

Problem Solving & Family

A Cupcake for Rudy

When a ball of fur joins the family, Rudy wonders how his life will
      change and he marvels at his new responsibilities.

My Name is Rudy

Working together as a team, Rudy and his friends rescue Spike who
      disappeared while playing a game of hide and seek.

Rudy Wants a Baby Sister

Being the youngest is no fun! Rudy wants a baby sister to join the

Rudy Wants Red Hair

Rudy decides he must run away and go live with Martha Stewart in
      order to get the red hair he wants more than anything.

Rudy Wants To Fly

Flying is a dream of Rudy's, after several attempts he settles for
      pretending, knowing he will get his wings one day.

Watching Boomer Grow

After adopting a little brother named Boomer!, Rudy is fascinated at
      how fast he learns new things.

What's On My Nose?

Is it an elephant? Cookie? Kermit the caterpillar? Only Daddy can help
      Rudy solve this mystery.


Astro Pup and Scooter Boy

Rudy and Big Brother Kirby Become Super Heroes!

Kisses From Rudy

Rudy loves his Daddy!

Return of Astro Pup and Scooter Boy

After Astro Pup (Kirby) is taken by bad guys, Scooter Boy (Rudy)
      saves the day in a most unusual way.

Rudy and the Rudettes

Rudy dreams of being a famous rock star with his own back-up

Rudy O'Tooty

At an Irish fair, Rudy meets the man with green hair who sings an
      Irish jig written especially for Rudy.

Rudy's Apple Orchard Adventure

After getting lost at the apple orchard, Rudy fears Mommy and Daddy
      will bring a baby goat home to take his place.

Rudy Has A Bad Day

Everyone has a bad day once in a while and Rudy is no exception.

Rudy's Red Rocket

After learning about outer space, Rudy decides he wants to take his
      red rocket to Mars.

The Great Roudini

After getting out of his big back yard, Rudy discovers he is a talented